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Spiffy duds by mewtwo3291
Spiffy duds
Another quickie, but a goodie! 

Four of my favorite cartoon characters from three of my favorite shows from left to right: Dipper Pines, Gerald Martin Johansson, Arnold Shortman and Steven Universe, dressed up all handsome and what not for a big fancy event of some kind; IDK what, but whatever. :P I was thinking about doing a similar peace with their female companions, let me know what you think. :)
Dining Etiquette by mewtwo3291
Dining Etiquette
Ha ha Oh Harold, can Rhonda take you anywhere? 

So apparently, I'm capable of making decent drawings with a non-photo blue pencil sketch and a little bit of ink. I like to result, so I decided to post it. Usually I obsess over every little detail, but hey this was way too funny not to post. And I know in my last post, I mentioned something about my next post being whenever people ask for, but when I got started it was just too involved, so it's gonna take a lot longer than I expected it would. I'm currently working with paint tool sai right now, so I'm actually happy to finally be working with that tool. 

Aside from that, considering the small amount of time that this took me, I might just do a whole bunch more of these while I work on my larger projects just to keep people interested in me work.

So here we have Rhonda and Harold enjoying a dinner  that is so ridiculously fancy, that poor Rhonda is simply flabbergasted at the site of Harold completely forgetting to implement table manners of any kind. Dear me, what will the other dinner guests think? :D

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Hey everybody on deviant art. Just a little update of what I've been up to lately. I don't usually do these and the consequence for that is people thinking I've fallen off the face of the planet, which is hardly the case. It is usually because my schoolwork keeps me away from you wonderful guys, but I try my best to produce new work as frequently as possible. I know that it has been probably about a month now,so I finally got some time on Friday to do something quick! :) 

As far as my updates go, I would have to say that I have a bunch of things planned out, but the only problem is a lack of  time, so if I can work fast and diligently, I shouldn't have a problem. Also I think I mentioned this in my other posts, but recently I've developed an interest in the cartoon Hey Arnold! And I have started sketching a bunch of my favorite characters from the show, so if nothing else, those would be the next few things to show up on my DA. Other than that, I plan on a bunch more Goof Troop stuff and a few comics to go along with them. (Yeah, yeah I know about the last time I mentioned a comic book that I was working on, but let's just pretend like that never happened. *wink, wink*) 

I suppose only thing left to say is that I have to just treat it like a job, a little bit a day, should take me a long way. :-)

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